The Beatles Experience Can Still Be Yours

In the early years of the 1960s, four young men sat down together to discuss the prospect of their self-starring band succeeding in the vast world of the music industry. No doubt the relatives and other local small-timers who had heard them play expressed assured confidence in their skill and relayed encouraging messages about their success in the “real world.” As they made the decision to press forward in this endeavor, their young minds couldn’t have possibly comprehended the extent of their influence for generations afterward.

Their popularity rose rapidly, ensuring their claim to fame until the band disassembled approximately 13 short years later.

Even though the band ended in disarray and the four stars walked their separate paths, their music still lives on as an unforgettable phenomenon.

The Beatles played to their last public audience in 1969, marking the end of one of the greatest performing bands in history. However,this wasn’t the end of their music by any means. It is still heard on stages throughout the world without the constraints and two-dimensional sound of a recording. Their world-changing music lives on through Britishmania,a Beatles tribute band devoted to keeping the spirit of The Beatles alive on stage and in the hearts of fans everywhere.

The members of this tribute band have worked hard to create a truehistorical replica of the iconic rock and roll band. Everything in their shows celebrates the legendary group, from instruments and amplifiers to their costumes and appearance. By experiencing a Britishmania tribute show, one can truly have a real Beatles experience.

Britishmania performs around the world, bringing The Beatles music back into the minds and hearts of their listeners.People worldwide have booked and attended their concerts. Their tour schedule takes the Beatles tribute band to a tremendous number of states around the United States including New York, California, and plenty in-between. They have performed in various countries like England, Canada, and Mexico, and all of their audiences experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that it is to see The Beatles live.

Even though the 1960s are long since passed, and The Beatles haven’t had their name in the top hits for some time, Britishmania is carrying on their torch and never letting their legacy die.


3 thoughts on “The Beatles Experience Can Still Be Yours”

  1. How do you begin to thank a group of wonderful musicians for putting on a show that will never be forgotten. I hired Britishmania for a surprise 65th birthday party, and to say they knocked it out of the park is an understatement. From the costumes, to the songs, to their general demeanor, everything was 5 star. The whole experience was positive, and I would hire them again in a heartbeat. We will be sure to follow you at your next public event!

  2. I hired Britishmania for a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend. Well, to say it was a hit, doesn’t begin to explain how wonderful it was. The band was great to work with, and more importantly, represented the Beatles perfectly. It was a great night, and all my guests had a wonderful time too!!! Thanks Britishmania for making the birthday “boy” very happy.

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at the Surprise Party this weekend at The Moose Lodge. The electricity in the air was incredible. The right mix of age people along with your enthusiasm made the night. Never saw the Beatles perform, so this was close.

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