The Beatles don’t really need an introduction, but in case you are not very into music, or the British pop genre of music, this is the band which brought a revolution in the music industry back in 1960. After more than 55 years, The Beatles is a band still remembered, and will always be remembered, for its significant contributions in music…


It all started in March 1957 when John Lennon, who was aged 16 at that time, formed a skiffle band with few friends who studied in Quarry Bank School. For some time, this group was known as the Blackjacks, but later decided to change their name to “The Quarrymen” because some other group was already using that name. Within one year, Paul McCartney joined the band as the rhythm guitarist and later on invited his friend named George Harrison to become a part of this group. Initially all that was missing in the group was a good drummer. In 1962, Ringo Starr joined the band as the main drummer.


In Feb 1963, The Beatles released their first album named Please Please Me. Within the next 2 months, the albums topped all charts in London, except Record Retailer (it ranked number 2 on this chart).In the next few years The Beatles released numerous hit singles, such as “From me and you” and “Love me do”.Most of these songs reached the first spot on the charts in a very short time. The song “She loves you” which was released on 23 August 1963 became the fastest selling song in United Kingdom (until that date), selling around 750,000 copies in just 4 weeks.This record was not broken until 1978.

Due to the commercial success of The Beatles, they also gained a lot of media exposure which resulted in spreading their popularity worldwide. During the years 1963 – 1966 they had their live performances in many countries such as United Kingdom, Sweden, and Germany.

The collapse

During the years 1966-1970, The Beatles became the target of many controversies. One of the biggest controversies was related to Lennon’s comment on Christianity, which was taken in the wrong context of what he truly meant. It went unnoticed for few months but when Datebook printed regarding this topic, the news went viral all around the globe. The year 1967 was the turning point for “The Beatles” due to the death of their manager Brian Epstein. This event made the group demotivated and fearful for the band’s future. During an interview Lennon also indicated that they won’t be able to continue on their journey for very long. Eventually the band collapsed in 1970, but is still remembered by millions.

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