Why You Need this Beatles Tribute Band in Your Life

There’s absolutely nothing like seeing your favorite band live—just ask any die-hard music fan. But what if the unthinkable has happened, and your favorite musicians have disbanded for one reason or another? You’re either stuck browsing internet videos, or, if that band happens to be the Beatles, you’re in luck!…

Britishmania is a phenomenal Beatles Tribute Band that can perform anywhere Nationally and Internationally! This talented Beatles Tribute Band will fulfill your lifelong dream of what it was like to see The Beatles live! Britishmania has the talent and personality to make you feel like you’re hearing the Beatles perform in person. Just like any good live performance, their original take on a song or section of music will only increase your enjoyment of their set list. These are, after all, musical artists with superb abilities and artistic vision of their own that enables them to bring the real 1960s Beatles experience, complete with costumes, to a venue near you. You’ll be taken on an epic journey through the various successful eras of Beatles music so you’re sure to enjoy every moment.

Their two-hour performance includes approximately 35 songs that will create the memory of a lifetime. And don’t be worried about location. Britishmania performs nationally and internationally in North America, Mexico, England, China, and more! Booking fees are dependent upon a variety of variables, and Britishmania is happy to work with any talent buyer, agent, or venue to create an unforgettable experience.

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